The Democrats Don’t Deserve Your Support — Support the Nader Campaign

Dandelion Salad

By Tony Wilsdon
Jun 16, 2008

In a Gallop poll published May 8-11, 2008, 85% of the public said the country is headed in the wrong direction. The economic crisis and the approaching end of the Bush regime represent an opportunity to build a new political movement that can challenge the domination of our society by Corporate America.

In 2008, we need to build a challenge to the candidates and the agenda of the two corporate parties – the Democrats and Republicans. We see the Nader-Gonzalez independent presidential campaign as the strongest campaign, with the ability to reach the widest audience. Justice and Socialist Alternative are supporting this campaign in the 2008 presidential race. Where Nader is not able to get on the ballot, we are supporting the campaign of Cynthia McKinney who is likely to be nominated by the Green Party.


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