Bush’s Speech on Offshore Oil Drilling by Shelley Bluejay Pierce (+ video)

by Shelley Bluejay Pierce
featured writer
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June 11, 2008

President Bush speech today

Good morning my friends,

I have stopped doing my current research and writing on various topics today to address the recent speech given by President Bush just moments ago. I simply had to speak out and point out some key “media-spinning” that is going WAY over the top and many people may not realize that we are in a critical point here in the USA.

As we all face the growing costs of food and gasoline, health care and other expenses needed to survive in this day and age, there are people in leadership who are “playing” with us at such a level that it disgusts me beyond words.

As President Bush and his oil-elite, big-money friends are the ones who stand to PROFIT from the strangle hold they have us in, the greatest pressures will be put upon all Democrats who have stood their ground and voted against environmental destruction. The environmental policies we have fought decades for are inches away from being left in total ruin in favor of bigger oil profits.

If you have taken the time to truly investigate the effectiveness of Ethanol, you realize that this too was a big “spin” that aided the oil companies because they received huge federal incentive money to build processing plants to make the ethanol. However, the cost of the grain was SAID to be too high and so these ethanol refineries were “shut down.”  Then we see the price of gasoline climb higher and higher each day though, the true experts, who speak on the economics of this growing price for crude per barrel will tell you a different and more accurate picture of WHY gasoline is costing so much. There is never much coverage in the media about the effects that the investment traders are having upon the price of gasoline OR grain commodities. The Congress has done NOTHING to place a strangle hold on the trading policies on Wall Street and beyond that are wrecking havoc on our prices.

Do we really have to pay the price increases for those barrels of crude?  STOP AND THINK!  It was Alan Greenspan who TOLD the Middle East oil leadership that they needed to “begin basing oil prices on the Euro, not the US dollar.”

When I heard that I about fell off my chair. THAT was the trigger point in my mind my friends, when the current government leadership allowed this, perhaps even forced it to happen. That statement from Greenspan basically announced to the world that the US dollar and its economy were in the trashcan. From that ONE critical announcement, the price per barrel of crude skyrocketed.  Have you investigated just who Greenspan IS?  Have you read about his past behaviors and his policies?  If not, please do so because you may see a glaring reason for why we are currently in the mess we are in.

Now, beginning yesterday, in what appears to be a carefully timed media-spin campaign to increase the big-oil strangle hold, the leadership is placing ENORMOUS pressure on Congressional Democrats to APPROVE off-shore drilling, oil shale developments and oil development in the Arctic National Refuge.

President Bush and his regime are making this sound as though we are FORCED to sacrifice the environment for the sake of our very survival.  Sound familiar people?  It should because once again the fear-tactic is at work. Research a bit at just how much oil is in the Arctic and see that the experts state that there is less than a years’ supply there…of course that is YEARS down the road from being in our gas tanks because it will make billions of dollars in profits for big corporations to build the drilling operations up there. Billions of dollars and many, MANY years of developing the areas for oil shale will also not aid us for a VERY long time if we jump onto the oil-shale developments.

Have you researched the disastrous effects of oil shale?  Look at the areas of this country that the Bush-oil-profit group is needing the Democrats and all those caring for our environmental safety to release to oil development. These are areas that may have severe droughts and farmers, ranchers and local residents are all ready struggling to survive without fresh, safe water supplies. Have you looked into the facts of how many billions of gallons of fresh water it takes to operate oil shale operations?  DO SO!

I am simply overwhelmed today at how this leadership is attempting to use the current crisis in our country and is attempting to solve our “problems” by placing blame on those who have worked tirelessly to protect our environment. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Without fresh water supplies, we are dead.  Without safe topsoils and areas to raise crops? We are doomed. The powers-that-be in the big oil industry have been putting people out of business and/or buying out their patents on engines that ran entirely on water or other safe options since the very beginning of the creation of the modern engine!!!  The big oil companies have and continue to do this because the alternative fuels would end their domination over us all

Before you blindly accept what President Bush and his oil-cronies are trying to shove down our throats, I beg of you, PLEASE do some research about the very things I outline here today. Without safe water supplies?  We are dead. Disasters like those due to the Exxon Valdez, Chevron-Texaco in Ecuador and other big oil developments will be common place…. And TOTALLY UNNECESSARY because we all ready have technologies that will eliminate the need for gasoline. Do Exxon, Chevron and all of their ilk want you to know that?  Of course not.

The bottom line here is not about the current gas-per-gallon my friends, because that has been and is STILL being manipulated by mechanisms that the politicians and the media are not talking about.  The current prices of grains and all of it?  Examine facts for yourselves friends.  Please, you may all think I am crazy, but examine the REAL FACTS for yourselves and do not blindly accept what the “media-spin-doctors” are trying to force upon you. This is NOT about what the Democrats and the environmentalists have forced upon us. This is about the big-oil-machine attempting to force by fear, economics and desperation, support of a big oil push for control and domination of us once again.

I guess if I “disappear” after saying all of this in public?  Look for me in the bottom of some new oil well, because I promise you, those of us who keep on screaming the truth are NOT making this take over an easy thing for the big oil profiteers and the politicians who OWN THEM.

Thanks for taking time to consider these things.

Shelley Bluejay Pierce


President Bush at press conference on oil, economy, and Iraq

joeybee3313 on Jul 15, 2008

President Bush reiterated his call on Tuesday for Congress to lift the legislative ban on coastal oil exploration. He also assured investors that the government’s rescue plan for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac did not constitute a bailout. He added that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SRP) is for emergencies, and doesn’t address the fundamental issue of gasoline prices. President Bush also said the government’s rescue package for the nation’s two largest mortgage companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are only temporary and that shareholders still own the company.

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