Myanmar: before the storm

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On May 3 2008 tropical storm called Nargis hit Myanmar. Most of the land was left in ruins. The death toll amounted tens of thousands.

Just a couple of months before Nargis RT crew visited Myanmar and filmed a report about life in the country. Now, as this Asian state is craving to recover from the hurricane we give you a chance many have not seen before. We bring you the story of the golden land in our report.

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3 thoughts on “Myanmar: before the storm

  1. 2 Maha
    What you say is true. but the reporter didnt say that its not good to be self-sufficient. If you listen to what he says, i guess to the contrary – he stresses that self-sufficiency is good. And that Myanmar did a good thing that they said f,,k off to the West. Just read between the lines
    So i guess yuo’re vulgar and incorrect in calling this guy an idiot and mass media whore

  2. Good video, though the reporter is a dirtbag mass media whore. Someone should tell this idiot that it is best to be self sufficient and work the land unlike our disgusting western system of slavery and artificial entertainment and superficial and disconnected relationships and mental illness.
    Myanmar is rich in natural resources and the western powers have been elbowed out as in Sudan so they resort to exploit a disaster to try to occupy the country under the pretext of humanitarian aid which is the same excuse they use all over the world where they cripple countries, destroy livelihoods and environment, and occupy and steal natural resources. In fact it cannot be ruled out that the US engineered the weather (for which they have the means, and motives) and created the Myanmar disaster.

  3. i am so sad hear the disaster in your country. hopefully your goverment can help all of the victims there. i just can give support and pray.

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