Bruce Fein: McClellan, Impeachment and Congress

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Bruce Fein: McClellan book confirms Bush has committed impeachable offenses

Updated: Aug. 22, 2014

Pardon or prosecute

TheRealNews on Apr 24, 2009

Bruce Fein: The President has a duty to pardon or charge Bush/Cheney and others who broke the law


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5 thoughts on “Bruce Fein: McClellan, Impeachment and Congress

  1. Bruce Fein is always maddeningly, pedantically correct.

    My question is how could it have come to pass that this very man, powered by a GOP witch-hunt, managed to impeach Clinton over a non-issue in terms of public policy, while Botch has gone free for committing genuine warcrimes (nothing ‘criminal’ Barack?? Really???).

    Indeed the precedent is now set, and indeed Fein knows better than anyone that US law is all about precedent.

    One wonders exactly what so terrified everyone into saying ‘they’ll be gone soon anyway” or Pelosi’s “now he (botch) owns this war” (when the war was a non-issue once the collapse took center stage), or “impeachment takes all the air out of the room”.

    What this process proves is that there is no genuine justice in US presidential politics. Whether it’s for the preservation of future abuse of power, or fear of reprisals, fact remains that this ‘freedom’ and ‘law’ and ‘constitution’ the soldiers are enlisting and killing for is without doubt now irrevocably proven to be a sham.

    Every policy of this presidency seems to give rise to conspiracy theories– what exactly happened to Paul Wellstone’s plane, or Kucinich’s brother? Hmmm, is the bizarre failure of the entire congress to pursue impeachment (or even the indictment of Rove for contempt of congress if not the Plame scandal, etc.) a result of gangland intimidation by blackwater goons?

    It wouldn’t be the first time…

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