Countdown: Unity on Immunity + McClellan Testimony + John Cusack

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June 20, 2008


Unity on Immunity

Keith reports on the Democrats caving on the FISA bill today. John Dean weighs in.

The McClellan Testimony

Keith reports on Scott McClellan’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee today. Dana Milbank weighs in.

John Cusack Interview

Keith talks to John Cusack about his McCain ads for MoveOn and his movie War Inc.

Worst Person

And the winner is….Paula Froelich. Runners up John Bolton and Chris Wallace.


Wexler Questions McClellan in House Judiciary Ctte; Calls for Impeachment of VP

Scott McClellan Before House Judiciary + Conyers’ & Nadler’s Questions

Kucinich & Sheila Jackson Lee Arguing Against Changes to FISA + Pelosi’s Support!

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  6. You are the best, Erik! Thank you so much. I wonder if it’s worthwhile spending this much time doing this almost every day, but then continue to post the news from around the world.


  7. Poor John Cusack fell for Obama’s “change” rhetoric. They all forced that word down our throats during the primaries and whaddaya know we get the Dems. first Black Presidential nominee. Is John Cusack (who seems Libertarian) really this nieve? I don’t think so.

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