Ralph Nader on Minimum Wage

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2008 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader discusses raising the minimum wage and challenges the other candidates to commit to raising it.

2 thoughts on “Ralph Nader on Minimum Wage

  1. Dandi,
    Minimum Wage is slavery, feels good I guess, but its a trap. This causes hurtful increases to those on fixed incomes.
    What happen when the jobs are H1V’s, the LAW does not apply to non-citizens. No job for EWE.
    You citizens can’t work for less, and the Employer can’t pay you citizens less than Min. Wage[unless management of Fast Food].
    Desperation changes ones attitude about this LAW, but Authority is the LAW, and will enforce this LAW, swiftly and harshly !
    Hooks been set, watch out for this BAIT,
    poor little fishies, spit this hook before its too late.

    Refuse to work for Minimum Wage, watch the Employers scrounge for capable bodies to fill these wage slave positions.

    Designed for Failure.

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