Fighting Resistance To Voting for Ralph Nader by Joel S. Hirschhorn

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by Joel S. Hirschhorn
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
June 16, 2008

(Swans – June 16, 2008) In so many ways Ralph Nader deserves to be president of the U.S. more than any Republican or Democratic candidate. For anyone that understands the need to overturn the two-party plutocracy and the corporate money that supports both major parties, Nader is the only credible candidate. He is also the most honest one and the only one that has the best interests of ordinary Americans as his highest priority. Yet most of the millions of independents and progressives that are disillusioned with the two major parties will probably not vote for him in November. Here is the case why the two most prevalent reasons they will use are without merit.



Ralph Nader on Minimum Wage

Corporate Complacency by Ralph Nader

Nader on Obama: It is Quite Clear He is a Corporate Candidate from A to Z (vids)

2 thoughts on “Fighting Resistance To Voting for Ralph Nader by Joel S. Hirschhorn

  1. Great post — I like Nader too. I just wish he had a chance, he would be so much better for American than the alternative(s). His interview with CSPAN from Wednesday was pretty good too.

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