New Book: McCain more of a Pinto than a Maverick + video



by R J Shulman
Dandelion Salad
featured writer
Robert’s blog post
June 22, 2008

NEW YORK – Remember the Fords of the Seventies? Author James Crandall does and finds them relevant today in his new book McCain Slew Able in which he says McCain is more like the Pinto than the Maverick. “A maverick is someone who stands out from the pack, is a leader and sticks to his position,” says Crandall, “McCain has flip-flopped more times than a pancake on steroids.”

Crandall notes that McCain’s similarities to the Ford Pinto are astonishing. The book points out that just like the Pinto, McCain’s campaign is underpowered, unremarkable and McCain will blow up at the slightest provocation. “He is effectively unable to do anything,” Crandall states, “hence the title of my book.” The upside for McCain, the author notes, is that McCain has changed positions so many times, that many votes may still think he favors their stand on the issues.


Matt Dowd: McCain Needs To Flip Flop Some More


During the panel discussion on This Week after saying how awful he thinks Obama’s campaign financing flip flop will be for him, Matt Dowd goes on to say that at this late stage in the game McCain now needs to “distance himself from Bush on every issue”. When asked if that is impossible now Dowd responds that he’s better off flip flopping again and that he should go on a speaking tour that says “I’m not the President”….lol. Yeah I’m sure that will go over really well Dowd….geez. Obama’s “brand” is ruined according to him over this campaign finance crap that they’re all crying about like a bunch of spoiled kids on every single show this morning, but after running straight to Bush for months on end now McCain could get away with another few hundred flip flops and that would just be okie dokie with Dowd.