Vote Theft For Idiots by Greg Palast + Free For All (trailer)

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by Greg Palast
June 23, 2008

Are they going to Steal 2008?  Don’t worry:  it’s already stolen.  But you can steal it back.  Ted Rall and I have teamed up for one of the first ever series of hard-edged investigative journalism – in ‘toon form.

Steal this strip … and pass it on:  VOTE THEFT FOR IDIOTS – PART 1 … [click the photo, then click “All Sizes” at the top of the pic]

Vote Theft For Idiots - Part 1 by Greg Palast & Ted Rall
And if you’re in LA and New York, don’t miss the opening of the film that pulls down the pants of the Ohio election, “Free For All.”  Follow John Ennis into the colon of American democracy, Ohio 2004.  It’s funny as hell – oddly, democracy’s death can tickle your funny bone while laying out the story of the latest quadrennial vote heist.  Watch the trailer [below].

This film will be available online at on July 4th — for downloads, for DVDs, and for FREE streaming!  (Please also check out our new line of hip shirts!)

We are holding some advance screenings in LA & NY.  If you would like to attend, please RSVP — with which screening you would like to attend — to    (And it won’t cost you — these screenings are FREE for ALL!)

Seating is limited; if you cannot attend we intend to hold more screenings soon.


Monday, June 23rd, 5 p.m.
Pioneer Theater
(155 East 3rd Street, between Avenues A and B)

* Special Guest MARK CRISPIN MILLER will join the director John Ennis after the screening.

Wednesday, June 25th, Midnight
Bowery Poetry Club
(308 Bowery, between Houston & 1st St.)

* The Palast Investigative Team and Downtown Art Star Rev. Jen will join the director John Ennis after the screening.


Thursday, June 26th, 7:30 p.m.
Clarity Theater in Beverly Hills
(100 N. Crescent Drive at Wilshire Bl.)

* Q&A with the director John Ennis after the screening.


Greg Palast, author of the New York Times bestsellers Armed Madhouse and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, is a Nation Institute/Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow for investigative reporting.  Sign up for his investigative reports, films and ‘toons at  Ted Rall is author of Silk Road to Ruin, the graphic diary of oil wars in Central Asia.  Get the Palast and Rall books, signed, as a gift, for your tax deductible donation to the fund for investigating the 2008 election at




May 28, 2008

One Dude’s Quest to Save Democracy. Premieres July 4th ONLY at

Free For All! Trailer“, posted with vodpod


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