Before Scott McClellan, there was Paul O’Neill (videos)

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June 24, 2008


Paul O’Neill’s interview with 60 minutes regarding his input into the book The Price of Loyalty by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ron Suskind.

This was in 2002, before the Iraq War. Before the selling of war, before the lies of WMDs, aluminum tubes and yellow cake from Niger. Before oil companies were swooping down on Iraq to gobble up production sharing agreements. We didn’t listen.

Listen now.

As the fevered pitch of outrage swept the nation after the events of 9/11, the dismissal of Paul O’Neill and Ron Suskind’s book slipped under the nations radar. As Scott McClellan whores himself out before the American people at $49.95 a copy, lets remember that Paul O’Neill stood up and spoke out as a person that loved his nation more then his party, who had the moral fiber to speak out and who is not so profoundly corrupt that he would wait 5 years to release the information to enrich himself.

To note, as we now read Scott McClellan’s book as to the details inside the Bush administration, Paul O’Neill did not write a book or make money from doing so. I will make this very clear to both Scott McClelland and ex-CIA Director George Tenet and his book. Reality is not a Catholic Church where you confess your sins and all is forgiven, it’s a confession of crimes committed in your presence and/or with your participation. Your books are confessions of your own illegal activities and I hope you are jailed for them. Without justice, there is no liberty. At the very least neither of you should be able to make one penny off your books and all proceeds should go to widows of or disabled Veteran care as that’s the result of your criminal actions. No one, not even high government spokesmen or directors should profit from crimes they committed. We are a Nation of laws.

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