Confronting Foreign Intelligence and Information Gaps + Feingold on the 4th Amendment

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June 24, 2008

“One of the Greatest Intrusions, Potentially, on the Rights of Americans Protected Under the 4th Amendment”–Sen. Feingold Blasts Telecom Spy Bill

It’s being described as the most significant revision of the nation’s surveillance law in three decades. The Senate is preparing to vote on rewriting the nation’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and giving immunity to phone companies involved in President Bush’s secret domestic spy program. We speak with Senator Russ Feingold (D–WI), who has been the leading congressional voice against the Bush administration’s warrantless spy program since it was exposed nearly three years ago. [includes rush transcript]

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HR 6304 – A Bill to Abolish the 4th Amendment

The Hedonists of Power By Chris Hedges

5 thoughts on “Confronting Foreign Intelligence and Information Gaps + Feingold on the 4th Amendment

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  3. Dandi,
    If a law is passed to protect criminal activity, is it really Legal Law, or something else ? Protecting the guilty ?
    It may be law, but is this the way, We da People[not these co-conspirator’s] want “our” country to be, criminal ?
    With petty crimes[theft]prosecuted to the fullest extent of the LAW[years in prison], & major crimes for public “Protection”, to be exonerated[walk away free] ?
    Time Patriot’s, to defend, your America, your Constitution, your Rights, from its foreign and domestic enemies, or forever, hold thy tongue !
    Cling to your God, Cling to your Gun,
    for only they, will keep alive freedom!

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