Impeachment “ON or Off the table”? You decide.

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Impeachment: Why is it “Off the Table”?

On June 9th, Thirty-five Articles of Impeachment detailing high crimes and
misdemeanors were presented to the American people by Congressman Dennis

It takes wisdom and courage to stand up and be counted.
Courage to stand up for what is right, whether or not it is popular,
or politically expedient.

Dennis Kucinich did! Will you?

Congressman Kucinich has created a path for “We the People” to take immediate action to reclaim our civil rights, our Constitution and our democracy.

It is only through the tools of impeachment that we can hold the administration to full accountability.

Impeachment ON or Off the table”? You decide.

Sign the Official Impeachment Petition.

No President, corporation or individual is above the law.

Produced by Russell Parker
Edited by Chad Ely


Take Action – Sign the Petition for Impeachment

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6 thoughts on “Impeachment “ON or Off the table”? You decide.

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  4. This is ridiculous. IMPEACH. We made that perfectly clear two years ago, and I don’t care how much time is left before the election. IMPEACH BEFORE THEY LEAVE OFFICE, or it’ll be ten years before we’ll be able to clean up enough of the mess left behind to try this administration for war crimes.

    Janet Detwiler

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