New Bush-push for US-Iraq security pact

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US submits new unspecified proposals hoping to get security agreement in Iraq despite staunch opposition…

2 thoughts on “New Bush-push for US-Iraq security pact

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  2. Good interview. This is so disgusting it is beyond words. Jalal Talabani btw, widely known as The Cow in Iraq, is far more evil than Saddam, his loyalty is totally to israel being a Zionist Jew. Talabani’s son married a Zionist neocon who was in charge of the “reconstruction” money in Iraq, spending 10 million dollars on the wedding while his fellow countrymen starved and died of treatable diseases — yeah we know where that reconstruction money went.Talabani will suffer in hell and if the Iraqis ever get hold of him he will be chopped to pieces as was the Iraqi traitor and british sevant Nuri AlSaid in the late 1950s.

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