The Great Mexican Oil Takeover

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by MagicStarER

June 28, 2008

Featuring Bush/Cheney, Blackwater, Halliburton, and Plan Mexico

Bet you have not seen this on your MSM news!

(Note:  It will be helpful in watching some of these videos if you can understand Spanish.  I’m sorry, I did try to get English versions, but several I could only find in Spanish.  Don’t let this keep you from watching all the videos, some of them have English sub-titles and you can get the idea anyway, even if you don’t speak Spanish)

Videos and more on MagicStarER’s blog post.

Our administration is using billions of our money to outfit the Mexican police (Policia Federal Preventiva) and Military.  Their supposed reason is to help the Mexican Government fight “Terrorism” and “Drug Cartels”.  And they have introduced Blackwater Forces into Mexico to train Mexican forces and to support them in these efforts. But the REAL purpose is to repress and subjugate the Mexican people so they can steal their oil!!!

Halliburton (and probably other large oil companies) are quietly buying up Mexico’s oil as per a secret deal between G.W. and Calderon, which has not been authorized by the people of either country nor their congresses. The Mexicans are very rightly up in arms about this and vow to close down airports, take over all government buildings, hospitals, all transportation, and overthrow their government.

Mexico’s oil (PEMEX, or Petroleos Mexicanos) has been owned by the people of Mexico (through the stewardship of the Mexican Federal Government) since the early 1930’s.  Its profits are intended for the benefit of the Mexican People in the form of hospitals, education, social programs, infrastructure, and housing.  Felipe Calderon has no right to sell out the patrimony of the Mexican People!

The privatization of Mexico’s oil is on the same level as the privatizing of Iraq’s oil, as explained by Dennis Kucinich, below.  It is theft.  The worst part of this is that they are using OUR money to train Mexican police and military and to equip them to help the global corporate bastards repress the people and steal the oil. Even WORSE is that they have sent Blackwater into Mexico to subjugate the people!

Blackwater is a private corporation (Cheney’s private Army!!!) which is not answerable to the American People and not subject to our laws while overseas. This is the Bush Administration’s private army and does THEIR bidding!  Just like Hitler had his own army not answerable to the German People!!!

We saw very clearly that Blackwater is above the law, when they murdered the 17 civilians on Sept 16, 2007, and received no punishment for it whatsoever; on the contrary, they received a 15 billion dollar contract from the Bush Administration to take over the “War on Drugs” in the US just a few days after the killing spree, and while the Iraqi government was insisting they be removed from their country. Basically, the Bush Admininistration REWARDED these mercenary murderers for killing Iraqi civilians!!!

I am so angry about this I don’t even know what to do.  George Bush is way worse than Hitler ever thought of being!

Videos and more on MagicStarER’s blog post.


Scahill: Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Losing Latin America – What Will the Obama Doctrine Be Like?

Plan Mexico: Plan Colombia Heads for Mexico by Stephen Lendman

Full Spectrum Mercenaries: Blackwater Goes to Mexico by John Ross h/t: Daniel




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  2. Got ’em working again after restarting. I posted some more info on Joe the Bohemian‘s blog. We are truly at the beginning of a transitional period for energy, and it won’t be smooth sailing.

  3. Thanks for the info and link, The Dude. I’ll let MagicStarER know about the video.


    I checked and the video is still working. When there are several vids on one post sometimes you have to refresh the page to get the videos to load again.

  4. Your Halliburton and the Takeover of Mexican Oil vid is no longer up. I’m a student of the energy industry writ large and am trying to learn more about the ramifications of Mexico’s declining production from the Cantarell field, which is regularly described as “crashing.” I’ve heard rumours that on the streets of Houston they’re seeing a 50% decline this year, which would end Mexican oil exports – and 60% of government revenue – by 2010.

    My understanding is that not much wildcatting (exploratory drilling) has been done in Mexico, but repressive taxes on Pemex have held them back from doing much. Also the best prospects for the country are Ultra Deep Water projects in the Gulf – which unfortunately Pemex is incapable of handling. I recommend this article from Mexico: A Nation-State Dissolves?

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