Countdown: Courting the Faithful + Gas Pain + Manufactured Outrage

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July 1, 2008


Courting the Faithful

Keith talks to Rev. Barry Lynn about Obama’s proposal for continuing the Office of Faith Based Initiatives.

Gas Pain

Keith talks to Chris Hayes about the McCain campaign’s apparent lack of knowledge about the price of gas, Bill Kristol saying that the announcement of a VP candidate would lower gas prices, whether either candidate can do much about the price of gas and McCain’s cozy relationship with the press.

Manufactured Outrage

Keith reports on the McCain campaign’s lastest feigned outrage of the day and their complaints about what Jim Webb said on his show. Chris Kofinis weighs in.


Tonight’s: Halliburton-Gate, They’re Doing It Again In Iran-Gate and Gitmo-Gate.

Worst Person

And the winner is…BMW Direct. Runners up the psyche ward at King’s County Hospital in Brooklyn New York and Karl Rove.


Obama’s Comment That He Won’t Attack Mccain’s Patriotism Draws Attacks + Wes Clark on Verdict

Countdown: Jim Webb + McCain Double Talk Express

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