Obama’s Comment That He Won’t Attack Mccain’s Patriotism Draws Attacks + Wes Clark on Verdict


by R J Shulman
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July 1, 2008

CHICAGO – In a move to calm down the furor regarding General Wesley Clark’s comment that Senator John McCain’s experience as a prisoner of war was noble but not necessarily a preparation for his role as commander in chief, Senator Barack Obama said he would not question McCain’s patriotism. Contrary to his intention, Obama’s remarks seemed to fan the flames of hot rhetoric.

“It’s that Obama who’s not preparicated to be the commander in chief like me,” said President Bush. “as he was not a drunken frat boy who skipped out on national guard service which is what made me a good chief commander and anyone who doubts my commanderness is dead toast.”

McCain took little time to answer Obama by saying, “I am the one candidate who is ready to be commander in chief as only I would know what to do if some Saudis attacked us like they did on 911. I would bomb Iran, of course.”

John McCain is suitable to be the commander in chief,” said Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, “as he is ready on day one to read My Pet Goat during a major terrorist attack.”

“If you can’t attack your opponent’s patriotism,” said Karl Rove, “then you are not a person who has the cajones to attack terrorists.”

“I don’t care if your enemy comes disguised as a hunting buddy,” said Vice President Dick Cheney, “you have to be prepared to look them in the face, face them down and then blow their face off. Now I dare you to name one face that Obama has blown off.”


Wes Clark on Verdict


Wes Clark talks to Dan Abrams about his statement made on Face the Nation Sunday.

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