Hey Y’all Watch This! By David Glenn Cox

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By David Glenn Cox
07/02/08 “ICH”

When did you stop beating your wife? When will you prove yourself innocent? When will you stop lying? When will you produce the murder weapon? All of these statements presuppose guilt and had this prolonged campaign against Iran not mimicked the prolonged campaign against Iraq it would be easy enough excuse the surreal nature of it all. The Alice through the looking glass, world turned upside down flavor to it of the leader who hasn’t invaded anyone cast as the next Hitler by the nation occupying two foreign countries by force of arms.

Being accused of clandestinely developing nuclear weapons by a nation, which clandestinely developed nuclear weapons. Iran is a signature of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and has opened her facilities up to international inspections and despite this, after every round of inspections has been accused by Israel and the United States of hiding a weapons program. Proof of innocence is grounds for suspicion, Israel has never allowed nuclear inspectors in to her facilities Israel has never signed the non-proliferation treaty. The United States attempted to sign an agreement with India to sell her nuclear fuel; India is not a signature either making such a deal a violation of the treaty.

Nuclear non-proliferation by its very definition means not giving selling or otherwise transferring nuclear technology precisely what the Bush administration was trying to do. The US accuses Iran of supporting and supplying terrorists in Iraq but the US invaded Iraq following a campaign of lies and disinformation leaving Iran with a hostile and bellicose power on her border. Repeated charge after charge are made with very little evidence. We have reached a point where the lies and rhetoric doesn’t even have to make sense anymore.

Israel is training/posturing by making training assaults across the Mediterranean imitating a raid on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The world turned inside out, Israel practicing publicly for an unprovoked attack against a sovereign nation accused of developing nuclear weapons by a nation, which clandestinely developed nuclear weapons. If however you untie the knots the attack would come precisely because Iran doesn’t have any nuclear weapons. The purpose then becomes Israel preserving her clandestine nuclear hegemony.

It was mutual assured destruction that helped preserve the peace during the cold war. The Cuban missile crisis made us focus on how precarious the situation could quickly become, how some junior commander’s miscalculation could spell the deaths of millions and lead to a nuclear war. The west did not find out for nearly a generation of four nuclear-armed Soviet submarines in the area that could have turned Kennedy’s quarantine into a vaporous cloud.

The world was run by prudent leaders then, leaders who had survived a world war and had no desire to see another one. What would the world say if Iran were to hold exercises feigning a strike on Israel? While Israeli newspapers are full of war fever about why Israel should Iranian papers are full of calming words of why Israel shouldn’t. Even Iranian promises of self-defense are postulated by the media as threats of aggression. The Israeli newspapers are full of letters to the editor that sound like something out of “Gone with the Wind” Why one Israeli gentleman can whoop a hundred of those Islamic rabble.

Iran threatens, if attacked, to close the straight of Hormuz and were I the President of Iran I would no doubt say the same thing. His nation is being threatened with unprovoked attack for having a program that they deny that they have. When Israel attacked the Iraqi nuclear reactor outside Baghdad they were careful to strike before it had been fueled with nuclear isotopes the same cannot be said in Iran. Prudent leaders would have the Iranian reactor defueled immediately, as an attack on a fueled reactor could create a Chernobyl situation in Iran. A dead zone caused by an unprovoked attack.

The Iranian’s followed suit promising to launch their missiles at Dimona where the Israeli clandestine nuclear program is carried out. Prudent leaders would defuel the Israeli reactor immediately, but we are living in never never land these days, verbosity and macho strut are the marching orders. The commander of the US fifth fleet counters the Iranian promise to close the straights by saying that the US won’t allow it! Who does he think he is? The amazing Spiderman!

There is closing and then there is closing, the Berlin wall effectively closed off East Germans from the west. There are no sentries in New York’s Central Park at two AM, so go on, walk on through; I don’t see anyone stopping you. Iran only needs to make the announcement that the straight is closed and for most of the world the straight is closed. Your car insurance doesn’t cover stock car racing and oil tanker insurance doesn’t cover traversing declared war zones. The US carrier task forces would be helpless against idle threats or God forbid idle threats made good.

One missile launched across the twenty mile wide straight at seven hundred miles and hour pointed at an oil tanker bigger than the Empire State building and you do the math. Only if the Amazing Spiderman were standing on the deck at the time could he stop it. If Israel were to launch an unprovoked attack on Iran and destroy a fueled reactor creating a nuclear dead zone what would Iran have to lose? These potentates postulate and premeditate with powerful plans and pre-justifications of what will happen if they don’t attack. Dare they turn the coin over for a moment and ponder what might happen if they do.

The US economy hangs precariously by a thread, her banks on life support as the price of oil rises and the value of the dollar fades. An Israeli attack would be the deathblow to the American economy and would lead the world’s economies into and inflationary spiral and no man can see the bottom. At what price Israel’s security? Does a perceived paranoid threat give Israel the right to lead the world into a worldwide depression?

How much support will she find in international quarters when an unprovoked attack causes death and misery to millions? Iran will be flattened and radicalized and assuming Israel causes twice as many deaths as she suffers herself will it be worth it? As the whole Middle East will be inflamed the United States will become [enfeebled], no bucks, no Buck Rogers! Even now John McCain works on his snow balls chance campaign following the most unpopular man ever to assume the Presidency. When the smoke cleared from an unprovoked Israeli attack he’d be lucky to hold his seat as Senator.

Not since the Cuban missile crises has the world faced two such frightening futures. A Cuban missile crises on top of an economic crises, the difference being in 1962 the leaders on both sides practiced prudence and sweated blood out of a fear that one or the other of them would make a mistake. This time like drunken rednecks they swing from the flagpole hollering, “Hey y’all watch this!” Playing nuclear chicken with the world, betting all of our futures on one double down bet!

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