Noam Chomsky: Why Devolution Won’t Work

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jianenohashi on Feb 04, 2008

Noam Chomsky explains why the existence of massive concentrations of private power preclude devolution and limitations on the power Federal Govt. from being viable strategies to creating a more free society.

Taken from Chomsky’s lecture titled “Education & Democracy.”

video no longer available

One thought on “Noam Chomsky: Why Devolution Won’t Work

  1. No suprises there.

    Centralisation of power into fewer hands, the present globalist trend, will move power further away from the citizen, and return us to a feudal style system.

    John Stuart Mill and Wilhelm Von Humboldt wrote about how individuality spawns creativity and imagination that allows the progression of ideas and increases the depth and range of views required for society to progress.

    It is odd that the enviromental front raves about biodiversity and the need for all species to exist for the biosphere flourish, while the financial interests that run our government are trying every method they have to compartmentalise and reduce human scope.

    The term “nature will find a way” could not be more true.

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