The New Oil Order And The Reversal Of Globalization

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by Nicolas van der Leek (Nick)
Speaking Truth to Power (Carolyn Baker)
Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Peak Oil will absolutely reverse globalization–Mike Ruppert, “The End Of Suburbia”, 2006

“It goes without saying really that all these transitions are likely to be associated with unpleasant levels of public disorder. It is likely that around the world authorities will struggle to maintain law and order. Governments will have a hard time staying relevant and of use to suddenly impoverished mobs. These struggles will place additional strain on those Cheap Oil Relics that survive, for example municipal services and roads. Who will maintain these in a world that can no longer afford very much?”


The end of the world as we’ve known it is rapidly underway

When oil reaches $150 per barrel, Americans will be spending around 12 percent of their incomes on energy. Some believe this value represents a tipping point. It may be. But whether it is $150 or not, we can begin right now to anticipate the changes that are about to happen.

Globalization in Reverse

The world prides itself on its efficiencies. We are able to produce vast amounts of food, and effortlessly move goods and people around the world. It has been a world of choice up to now, with barriers flattened to allow the exchange of trade and world commerce. People and produce have been able to move virtually effortlessly all over the world.

All these selfsame efficiencies also work just as efficiently in reverse — that is to say, they unravel quickly. An example of an “efficient mechanism” in our lives, particularly in suburbia, is electricity. While electricity can allow us to quickly cook our meals, dry our hair and warm our baths, when it is no longer there, the breakdown is very rapid.

The same is true for the efficiency we get from driving to the mall to stock up on everything we need. When we can no longer do that, suburbia becomes dysfunctional, and a Dysfunctional Suburbia is implicit in the New Oil Order — and for air travel, and so on.


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