Book Review: Marching Toward Hell By Jim Miles (Scheuer)

Dandelion Salad

By Jim Miles

Marching Toward Hell – America and Islam after Iraq.  Michael Scheuer.  Free Press (Simon & Schuster), New York, 2008.

Michael Scheuer’s new work “Marching Toward Hell” is very clear with its overall purpose of exposing where American interests have gone wrong in their interactions with the various peoples, beliefs, and religions of the Middle East.  As an ex-CIA agent specifically working on gathering information on Osama bin Laden and al Queda, Scheuer appears to have a solid background of information on the message and intentions of bin Laden.  He also has a solid perspective of putting ‘America first’ that more often than not contradicts the neo-traditional view of American exceptionalism and unilateralism.


h/t: ICH

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