American Blackout (2006) + Cynthia McKinney at Media Summer

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89 min – Aug 10, 2007
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American Blackout, by Ian Inaba, is the story of how my political career was influenced by Deep State interests that are willing to push the limits to get what it wants at the expense of the ideals and values of the people of the United States. However, when the operatives fired at me, they also revealed themselves for those who were watching. What was daring then for me to say is now cliché.

American Blackout (Full Length)


Cynthia McKinney at Media Summer


Cynthia McKinney addresses Santa Cruz Media Summit earlier this year


Corruption And The Unspeakable by Bruce Gagnon

Clone politics or Cynthia McKinney?

COPA conference on RFK assassination in LA 06.08.08 + RFK, 40 years later

Robert Kennedy, Greg Palast: The Final Investigation?

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  4. I was only 18 during the 2000 and did not know much about politics at that time. 2004, I was in the army, I did not vote. However, now I am more knowledgeable about politics.

  5. moniqueth3intern, the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were both stolen elections. Greg Palast has done quite a bit of research on this issue. Nader has explained it often in his interviews, too.

  6. I didn’t know about 2000 in Florida and th 2004 in Ohio about the black vote until I watch the video on your blog. Thank you for posting it.

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