What gives Bush the right to destabilize Iran by covert military operations?

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by Brian Appleton
(CASMII Columns)
Sunday, July 6, 2008

What a miserable little excuse for a human being Mr. Bush is. What gives him the right to attempt to destabilize the government of another country covertly with our tax payers money because they refuse to be his vassal state. He does not have the imagination or honesty or desire to make earnest attempts at peace in a win win style negotiation which would be beneficial to both sides…covert operations, sanctions and bombing are the only tools in his bag and he has badgered our Congress and the EU into going along with this by abusing the power of the office of President of the USA…backed by the corporate owned media who have become a de facto propaganda ministry.

When I wrote my Senator Feinstein to vote in favor of Kucinich’s 35 articles of impeachment, she responded with a mealy mouthed statement about how impeachment would only further divide our nation. How is it in our great democracy that a President can routinely break the laws with impunity while an average citizen faces justice and jail time for the same? To me it is more embarassing that the Congress does not have the courage to curb the abuse of the Executive Office than to admit to the world that we have a President who should be impeached.

Just as the sanctions only make the average citizens suffer and not the elite it is targeted at, so covert operations are just going to get a lot of people killed and solidify the position of those in power who can use unity against foreign interference and threat of imminent attack to overcome dissidence thus producing the exact opposite effect of what the US administration desires.

This is not the 1950’s when Kermit Roosevelt bragged that it only cost him $60,000 to overthrow Mossadeg and reinstall the Shah. It will not happen that way again. Too many people fought and died in the revolution of 1979 and in the Iraq Iran War to allow the re-establishment of a US puppet… Mr. Bush naively thought the Iraqis would welcome US intervention with open arms and now five years later it is a quagmire with no exit.

The idea of sanctions is that somehow if the people suffer enough they will overthrow their government. Would you the average middle class citizen try to overthrow your government if tomorrow Mr. Bush declared himself president for life for example? What would you do against the military and the police who have the keys to all the gun racks? Would you risk your life, limb and property to attempt the overthrow of your government? Don’t ask other people to do what you haven’t the courage to do yourself.

Why doesn’t the President use the vast resources and energy of this nation to do good in the world instead of rain destruction on others to give us more of an upperhand over the third world than we already have?

As long as Americans and their leaders of this “Christian” nation think that an American life has more value than the life of a human being of any other nationality then there will be no peace.

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23 thoughts on “What gives Bush the right to destabilize Iran by covert military operations?

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  19. “Wake up America. Take back the White House. Take control of this President”

    Well Said, AJ None. IMPEACH and JAIL this president!

  20. Regarding Iran: The President has avoided every opportunity to make peace in the region. Examples are too numerous to list here. Further, he has encouraged and even created civil wars in the region during his tenure. The ensuing chaos and fear have given way to obscene crude-oil profits and control of the US Congress.

    He further feeds fear of Iran to his media machines as a tool of influence in primary election results at home and will do the same this fall. These Iran / Iraq fear-mantras hit the commodity pits with symphonic precision.

    Quick background update… His control of all (not just a few) Federal agencies encouraged if it did not actually create the housing bubble which has not yet fully unwound. The collapse of his housing bubble necessitated his inflation of the commodities bubble. Yes, the housing bubble follows in the President’s wake as he speeds towards Iran in these final months of power. The two bubbles are related to one another and therefore to Iran. The least-damning goal of his Iran rhetoric is further inflation of the oil / corn bubbles which are causing unprecedented global inflation, international starvation and widespread corporate collapse. Companies and funds with new oil-wealth will reinvent themselves while picking up the steeply discounted pieces of the many “fallen” corporations as the oil bubble collapses, by the way.

    The most damning goal of the President’s Iran rhetoric is WWIII with a taste for the biggest military jackpot in history: British/American ownership of the oil rights that feed the markets that his corporate sponsors have already fully “cornered.” The present President of the United States has brought disgrace to his office and our country. Wake up America. Take back the White House. Take control of this President.

  21. Can you prove Iran is doing so? Your own CIA’s recent NIE would claim otherwise…

    Let’s follow that up with a question to YOU goodtime:

    In 1954, the CIA overthrew the model democracy in the region, bringing on the Shah, whose abuse resulted in his overthrow by the Mullahs.

    What right did the USA have THEN in overthrowing Mossadeq’s democracy in Iran the first time? To date you Neocons refuse to address that one.

    What right did the USA have in overthrowing the legally and democratically elected government of Salvador Allende bringing on the internationally scorned atrocities of our puppet, Pinochet? (There we go again, promoting ‘Democracy’ across the globe, eh?)

    What right did the USA have in invading Iraq in the first place, when it’s well known that the war was based on falsified intel foisted by Condi and Rummy, and when you know full well the inspections were coming up dry?

    What right did the USA have in invading Vietnam, killing 2 million people, carpet-bombing Cambodia and paving the way for Pol Pot when you now know full well that your CIA FAKED the gulf of Tonkin incident?

    What right did the USA have in backing and sustaining the Genocide in East Timor by Suharto?

    Is it not time for the propagators of criminally warmongering atrocities of the Neocon-style of illegal postwar aggressive invasions and covert destabilizations and coups by the USA to stop?

    Your president has stated that the Iraq war was not about the oil. OK then tell me, what then were the ‘national security interests’ the USA had in going into Iraq in the first place?? You KNEW there was conflicting intel, and that inspectors were on the ground, and that he wasn’t going to nuke the USA from Iraq, and certainly that Saddam, while a bad man, was certainly no Islamic radical bent on blowing up Times Square.

    Your president claims it supports Israel for ‘National Security interests’, Isreal being the only ‘democracy’ in the region. Why then did it not support, but instead overthrew the model democracy of the region, that of Mossadeq’s Iran?

    The question is now in your hands: In light of the well-documented, internationally recognized illegal atrocities the USA has propagated across the globe, so many of the worst of them (namely Vietnam and Iraq) clearly and without question propagated for propagandized lies, why would you even fathom asking why Iran would act in it’s own national interest concerning a morass of Americon-made mania on it’s border (assuming that it is in fact doing so, since your own CIA’s NIE just unequivocally stated that your claims of Iranian weapons were yet anouther lie by your government– or did you forget…)???

  22. Let ask that same question of you, what right does Iran have to try and destabilize the government of another country such as Iraq?

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