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July 7, 2008

Where will it all end?  WHEN will it all end?  WHY are we letting this administration of crooks tear our Constitution apart and allowing them to take away the rights and freedoms that it guarantees to us?  WHY are we permitting them to use our name to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people in a country that was not a threat to us, including women, children, and babies? WHY are we allowing them to wage an illegal war on the basis of LIES?  WHY are we allowing them to use their private armies to terrorize the citizens of this and other countries and letting them and their corporate cronies loot the resources of those countries paid for by OUR TAX MONEY?  What about the secret prisons, the extraordinary renditions, the babies and children being locked up in prisons?  What about the illegal TORTURE admitted to and authorized by George W. Bush et al?  What about the illegal wiretapping?  The abuse of our trust?  And what about the secret laws and the illegal signing statements?

Why don’t we make John Conyers and Congress do their job?  How long are we going to let this nightmare of injustice and tyranny go on?

The assault on the US Constitution and the resultant loss of civil liberties and habeas corpus in this country is something that every American should be horrified by. Our country is being turned into a despotic fascism, and a police state, where our government can throw us into a detainment camp at any time, and where we will have no rights whatsoever. No right to legal counsel, no right to habeas corpus, no rights at all. Our Constitution has been shredded to bits, and the current administration considers it “outdated” and valueless. This is the same Constitution that our forefathers fought and died for. And I for one am not going to condone it. Our government was intended to be “of the people, by the people, and FOR the people”. Not of Bush, by Bush, and for Bush.

Our president has lied to us about almost everything: about 9/11, and about the reasons for attacking Iraq (non-existent WMD’s), and he has signed policies into effect in secrecy from the American public and hidden from Congress. He has condoned the use of torture in American prisons. This administration has violated International Treaties, broken the Geneva Convention laws on the treatment of prisoners of war, and defied the United Nations, and has committed war crimes which are severely punishable crimes, and which are impeachable offenses. Almost 2,000,000 innocent civilian women and children have been massacred in Iraq on the basis of LIES. This is GENOCIDE. The same thing Hitler did! And now he wants to broaden his sweep of genocidal massacres to Iran and probably wherever else he can think of, in his mad craze for taking over the oil of the Middle East.

Our president has violated the law over 900 times by making “signing statements” in opposition and direct defiance to laws and statutes passed legally by our Congress, making our democratic process null and void. He has basically declared himself a dictator. We MUST stand up for the rights endowed to the citizens of this country, which are embodied in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Over the last 7 years, our country has turned into a place of division, conflict, injustice, and hatred. American people have been divided by racism, religious schisms, and intolerance. This is not the America we used to be so proud of. REAL Americans are compassionate, humane, tolerant of others’ differences, and supportive of others’ rights. We now have an unprecedented level of police brutality and hate crimes, children are being imprisoned in detainment camps, and our state prisons have been taken over by private prison corporations who are greedily making money hand over fist off the misery of the victims of the “War on Drugs”.

Over 47 million people in this country have no access to health care. We have a president who thinks it is more important to build prisons than to let our children have health care, and who thinks it’s ok for toddlers to be locked up in prisons. Our Social Security Administration is going down the drain. Our government has passed laws which say they can wiretap American citizens phones and emails without a court order. They can enter our homes without a warrant. They want to give us all Real ID’s with barcodes and microchips so they can track us and even listen to our private conversations.

I have faith that the American People, by using our voices, can turn this tide. We can get our government back, restore the US Constitution and the foundations of Democracy and justice, and work together to bring back unity, peace, and compassion.

We must not fall into the trap of fussing with each other and learn to work together! Our founding fathers left us a framework with which to preserve and protect Democracy, a system of checks and balance between the branches of government, and all the tools we need to defend the foundations of our country. If we can only stop throwing stones at each other, we can all agree on making this country something to be proud of once again.

There is no room for racism, intolerance, hate, and division! These are the principles that have been encouraged by the divisive Bush Administration. We must bring back the love and unity! And work together for a country that is a safe and comfortable place for us ALL to live in and prosper in.


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  7. Well Said Magic!

    Your passionate words put voice to the pain in my own heart . These past 8 years, the valient campaign of Kucinich, drove me to be a bit political and to read up on the nature of the USA.

    What I found was not pretty. This administration was not nearly the worst of its genocidal maniacs, nor it’s worst torturers, and neither was this generation the blindest and most manipulated and wilfully complicit in their government’s atrocities.

    King stated that “We must undergo a radical revolution of values” to become a “people oriented society, not a thing oriented society”. That was the revolution wich was intentionally reversed and undermined by the Reaganomic realm in which we continue to live.

    Subjugation, domination and lack of respect for the rule of law of which Americans are so proud, is here the norm, not the exception, as it was and remains.

    I suppose it took us all by surprise because we were lulled by the prior era into some notion that massive US wars of aggression, domination and colonialization for resources were obsolete, passe, something we’d gotten beyond, as had the Brits, French, etc.

    What has happened on our watch has instead, I fear, set us all up not for an era of detent, but for worsening retribution and counterattacks, Orwellian wars for the foreseeable.

    But we must remember, as I try to remind myself, that this is indeed what the people wanted. While we rail against the frauds of the past two elections, there was a reason they were both close enough to steal.

    Something has gone severely amiss in the minds of middle-america, the red-states who are responsible for bringing this about and who still support it to this day.

    It started with the backlash of the war-mongering, greed-based rightists collaborating with the neocons (or their predecessors), the “What’s the Matter With Kansas” effect, where the working class was beguiled by the corporatists through the power of the mega-church in reaction to the short-lived activist counter-culture who successfully challenged Vietnam and segregation.

    Since then, there has been no counter-culture, no resistance to speak of, activism against the warmongering anticsof the USA has been effectively disarmed.

    There have been great voices, to be sure, Cindy, Dennis and Ritter to name a few. And there’s been truly great news, better than ever before, as evidenced on these pages.

    I for one am so utterly distraught and outraged, yet we are, andincreasingly remain, isolated islands of angst amidst a country of very comfortable consumers, who have been fed just enough of the pie to keep quiet and buy into the party line; Just enough not to react too wildly to the usurping of the fat of planet by our top 1% fat-cat establishment, those who “Own this country” as George Carlin observed.

    Maybe the coming hard times will wake up the populace. But it’s just as likely that they will , true to form, reach instead for their guns and their idea of god as promoted by televangelists, and retrench into a conservative comfort of xenophobia, misguided patriotism, hyper-nationalism and selfish hostility.

    Just a theory, we will see. The times they are a changin’ once again for Amerigaah, tho I’m on the fence which way tey will go, as is apparently the rest of of the the nation itself.

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