Verdict: Bush League Justice: Rove

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Dan Abrams reports on Karl Rove’s refusal to appear before Congress on Thursday. Michael Waldman and Julian Epstein weigh in.


Congresswoman Wasserman on Karl Rove’s Refusal To Appear

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  4. & I just heard Rep. Wasserman-Shultz get railroaded by some neocon tool (she tried, all due respect) by their typical billo-style fact-twisting, subject-changing fashion that the entire effort was to get rove to answer ‘ridiculous questions’ which he was obliged to dismiss for ‘executive privililedge’ about conversations he ‘never had’, as Dan so aptly points out in tonight’s episode.

    It’s all a sham.
    I reckon Rove walks, bluff called in spades. Won’t get time in the basement of anything, he’ll just get his own talk show. Tune in next time, same bat channel…

  5. I read an article earlier that said Nancy Pelosi was pressuring John Conyers to not pursue contempt against Karl Rove. Pelosi appears to be the one stonewalling all attempts to hold the executive branch accountable for anything.

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