Single-Payer Universal Health Care Advocates at Annapolis Event

31 min – Jul 8, 2008
William Hughes –

On July 8, 2008, in Annapolis, Maryland, the campaign for a Single-Payer Universal Health Care system took center stage. At a press conference on the southside of the Thomas Hunter Lowe House of Delegates’ building, activists spoke out about the urgent need to change the current system. They were: Dr. Margaret Flowers of HealthCare-Now! of Maryland; State Delegate Karen Montgomery (D-MO County); Dr. Richard Humphrey of Physicians for Social Responsibility; Derek Cooper, Activist; Brigitte Marti, a Health Care Consultant in Europe; Dr. Pat Salomon-Rodriquez of Physicians for a National Health Program, Maryland Chapter; Susan Schwartzman RN, BSN; and, Mike Hersh of Progressive Democrats of Maryland.

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