Bush to Iraq: We Don’t Care What You Want

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Iraq is now demanding a firm date for complete withdrawal of all foreign troops before they will sign a security agreement with the Bush administration. Bushco is refusing, of course, because they truly don’t care about anybody’s objectives but their own. But what did the Pretender-in-Chief say back in April of 2007 during an Interview with Charlie Rose?

Just more Bushco propaganda, no doubt.

Go here for the full video interview with Charlie Rose:
Enter “George W. Bush” in the search box. Scroll 11 minutes into the video for the quote about leaving Iraq.

And here’s an interesting piece on this subject that I came across today:

Pull-out Demand Signals Final Bush Defeat in Iraq by Gareth Porter:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Legitimizing the Permanent Occupation of Iraq by Stephen Lendman

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  1. I think the US are on the way out of Iraq. Apparently General Fallon has already attempted to negotiate a secret withdrawal but was scuppered by cheney and co and had to resign. Remember, they will never actually declare that they are leaving – they will just do it.

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