Countdown: Feingold on the FISA Capitulation + McCain’s Townhall Incident

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July 09, 2008


McLame Humor on Iran

Rachel reports on the latest dust up between the McCain and Obama campaigns over the Iranian’s testing long range missled and the votes on Kyl-Lieberman and McCain joking about exports of cigarettes to Iran. Richard Wolffe weighs in.

Russ Feingold on the FISA Capitulation

Rachel reports on today’s vote on FISA and talks to Russ Feingold about what happened today and how pathetic it is that the Democrats caved into Mr. 28%.


Tonight’s: I Can Make A Hat, A Broach, A Pterodactyl-Gate, Enemirs At the Gate-Gate and Katrina Trailers-Gate.

McCain’s Townhall Incident With Vietnam Vet

Well it looks like my video made it’s way onto Countdown. Good for you Rachel for finally reporting this. I’m glad at least one place in the MSM did. Rachel reports on McCain’s dust up with the Vietnam vet at his town hall meeting in Denver. Paul Rieckhoff from IAVA weighs in on McCain’s voting record for veterens and that he was warned how dangerous it would be for him politically to go against Webb’s GI Bill before he did it.



John McCain Gets Testy With Vet Over GI Bill

During his town hall meeting at the Denver Center for the Performing arts, John McCain gets testy with a vet when questioned on his lack of support for Jim Webb’s GI Bill and other bills that he’s voted against which would support veterans. Gee I wonder why the media decided not to cover this today and show the crazy lady screaming about taxes instead?

John McCain Thinks How Social Security Works Is Disgraceful

John McCain apparently thinks that how Social Security works, which has always been the current generation is paying for the ones receiving benefits, is disgraceful. He also says he’s going to change it but doesn’t say how. We all know how well things worked out for Dubya with his Social Security tour where his approval ratings went completely in the tank the more he talked about all of his great Republican “ideas” which are nothing less than privatizing it, and busting it so the bankers can get rich off of it instead of taking care of citizens as a social safety net. The way to fix it is not to have it be a fair tax rather than a regressive one where the rich pay a small part of their income toward it, and those making under the cap pay a very large portion.


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