Countdown: McCain Campaign Mental Regression + O’Reilly Attacks Jesse Jackson

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July 10, 2008

McCain Campaign Mental Regression

Rachel reports on the dust up over Phil Gramm’s statement that Americans need to stop whining about the economy. Johnathon Alter weighs in.

Countdown: O’Reilly Factor Attacks Jesse Jackson

Rachel reports on Fox News’ decision to give Jesse Jackson’s recording to the O’Reilly Factor and the way the story was handled by them where they said they had more of the tape but refused to air what they had, and their record of going after Jesse Jackson. Greg Mitchell weighs in.

Double Talk Express on Women’s Issues

Rachel reports on the conficting statements made by Carly Fiorina and John McCain on birth control and viagra and the campaign’s attempt to mask it’s extremely far right stances on women’s health issues. Chris Hayes from The Nation weighs in.


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