Pelosi Says House Judiciary May Hold Hearings On Kucinich Impeachment Resolution + video

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By John Bresnahan
(The Politico)
Jul 10, 2008

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said this morning that the House Judiciary Committee may hold hearings on an impeachment resolution offered by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio).

Kucinich is expected to offer a “privileged resolution” this afternoon calling on the House to look at whether President Bush should be removed from office for lying to Congress and the American public when he sought congressional approval back in 2002 for taking military action to invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein.


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Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich: “Impeach President George W. Bush!”


On July 10, 2008, a 2 PM press conference was called, on Capitol Hill, by Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH). At that time, he explained that later in the afternoon he intended to offer in the House of Representatives a single Resolution entitled, “An Article of Impeachment of President George W. Bush.” Rep. Kucinich charged that President Bush had “fraudulently obtained” authority from the U.S. Congress “to commit U.S. troops to combat in Iraq.” He detailed, for the media, some of the lies that led the country into that immoral and illegal conflict. Rep. Kucinich underscored: “I believe in the Constitution!”

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Draft Version of New Article of Impeachment + videos

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14 thoughts on “Pelosi Says House Judiciary May Hold Hearings On Kucinich Impeachment Resolution + video

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  2. Sorry for my typos– wanton mass-murder of innocents by militaristic means and those who advocate same makes me upset.

    Problem is, it doesn’tmake the neo-fascists upset,, and unfortunately they apparently comprise half the voting electorate.

    How dare they support the unborn’s right to life while slaughtering the newly born pure innocents?

    Conservatives have morphed themselves into SOCIOPATHS (ie, people without conscience).

    There is little difference between unabombers, serial killers, enlisted amerigoons, and the Neocons, or the warmongers in general.

    Seek to solve your issues with brown people’s desire for independence and a little relief for once, seek to subjugate them once again via militarism for some material thing or labor you want, and you are nothing less a mass-murdering villanous, treacherous anti-humanistic horror-story on steroids.

    The advent of the Amerigoon neocon powered by the greed-gets-all-via-force (and complicit neo-lib) is the very most dangerous animal alive, perhaps in the entire natural history of animals.

    A sickness of the brain such as the faux-news fanatic is the very worst psychotic disease the industrial world has produced, certainly no less sick in the brain than the demonic suicide market-bombing terrorist itself.

    No suicide terrorist has yet to succeed in the horific terror the USA unleashed. with it’s absurd miltarism… death from the air, to the nth power.

    Nobody has bombed cities of civilians with nuclear bombs but the USA. Never, ever forget that.

    The world has every right to be very, very afraid and defensive against the USA.

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  6. No, I don’t think Buffoon is making a joke at all. Did you read his post? The link is listed in the comment section.

    He feels that all Democrats are Socialists! Hmm, I feel most Dems are Republican-light. Very few are real Socialists, unfortunately, imo.

  7. OK I get it, Bufon is a making a joke.
    So you can delete my rant.

    But many of them are serious!

    And so am I…

  8. Buffoon and dem socialist…
    where do these people come from.
    Conservatives are supposed to be the rule of law people, smal government, reduced expendituers– instead you’ve created the largest financial fiasco since the depression.

    And yet all conservatives have done is flaunt their arrogance in refuting the law of the land, and continue to propagate the deception that their policies were justified, just like ‘Saddam knocked down the towers’.

    All would do well to READ the articles of impeachment Kucinich drafted against both Botch and Chainey.
    These quasi-elected neocon cultist born-again wacko religious corporate greed-fanatics are by now looked at a bit crosseyed by even the corrupt Cons as well as vilified but the damn dems.

    Those two evil jokers should be locked up in zoos like the war-criminals they are. Rove should be hunted down and dragged in front of the house judiciary committee in handcuffs if only for flaunting his upraised nose at the rule of law.

    Cons who still agree with the Botchco regime are nothing less than complicit in an ill-gotten criminal cabal wth so many atrocities and thefts piled up (again, you wanna dispute that, READ the Kucinich indictment. No read? NO REBUT!), no red-blooded amerigoon, no matter how deranged, red-stated, gun-totin’ mega-churched warmongering maniac could EVER want this admin to go unchallenged, lest their antics be repeated by the next idiot in chief.

    But rest assured Cons, nothing will happen, your warmongers will walk, the rest will be aprdoned, just as Ollie North, documented war-criminal Kissinger, etc all walked.

    No ‘neodem’ will cross cheney, they all remember what happened to Paul Wellstone.

    I’d not be surprised if another Gulf of Tonkin/911 false flag is staged this summer, military rule, Botch and Chain-man for the foreseeable. Rome will be handed down to McBomb.

    Welcome to neowarmongers inc. But this is who you neocons voted for, and enlisted your churches to support, so the top 1% could get 90% of the trickle-up wealth, and the rest of you greed-addicts could live on their coat-tails, or was it a ‘dollar and a dream”…

    “WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS” People? (Read it!)


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