Is the Fourth Estate a Fifth Column? By Bill Moyers

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By Bill Moyers
July 11, 2008

Corporate media colludes with democracy’s demise

I heard this story a long time ago, growing up in Choctaw County in Oklahoma before my family moved to Texas. A tribal elder was telling his grandson about the battle the old man was waging within himself. He said, “It is between two wolves, my son. One is an evil wolf: anger, envy, sorrow, greed, self-pity, guilt, resentment, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other is the good wolf: joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The boy took this in for a few minutes and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf won?”

The old Cherokee replied simply, “The one I feed.”

Democracy is that way. The wolf that wins is the one we feed. And in our society, media provides the fodder.



High Culture – Low Values by William Bowles

4 thoughts on “Is the Fourth Estate a Fifth Column? By Bill Moyers

  1. David, You are correct in saying we are unaware of what we’ve lost and the difference between culture and marketing is undefinable by many. Alas, all things come to an end.

  2. I experimented with advertising on my little blog. I found that all I could attract were ads for adult sites, Viagra, and work at home scams. Advertisers of more mainstream products avoided my site because, in my opinion, they were uneasy about the subject matter: poverty and mental illness.

    The other reason of course, is that I measure hits in dozens, rather than millions per week. Still, even on this small scale, Bill Moyers observations apply.

    As for culturall suicide, I think it’s too late to worry about that. The US does not have culture anymore. The US has marketing that has usurped and replaced culture. Many young people today have been conditioned such that they cannot distiguish between culture and marketing. Thus, we are unaware of what we’ve lost.

  3. The Fourth Estate A Fifth Column? Absolutely. Their goal? Cultural suicide. Their belief? We are not worthy. The result? The coming of the new age of darkness. Remember who said, “Winston loved big brother.”? Might want to consult some of his writings for the coming follies. Thanks from us

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