Earth’s Core, Magnetic Field Changing Fast, Study Says

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by Kimberly Johnson
Global Research, July 13, 2008
National Geographic News

Rapid changes in the churning movement of Earth‘s liquid outer core are weakening the magnetic field in some regions of the planet’s surface, a new study says.

“What is so surprising is that rapid, almost sudden, changes take place in the Earth’s magnetic field,” said study co-author Nils Olsen, a geophysicist at the Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen.

The findings suggest similarly quick changes are simultaneously occurring in the liquid metal, 1,900 miles (3,000 kilometers) below the surface, he said.

The swirling flow of molten iron and nickel around Earth’s solid center triggers an electrical current, which generates the planet’s magnetic field.


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  1. Perhaps the non-stop billions of watts of HAARP energy being pumped into the earth has more than a bit to do with this.

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