Marine’s graphic interview describes killing of prisoners in Iraq

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By Tony Perry
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
07/11/08 “Los Angeles Times”

Sgt. Jermaine Nelson, in a tape-recorded interview, says he and a fellow sergeant were ordered to kill the prisoners during a sweep through a Fallouja neighborhood in 2004.

CAMP PENDLETON — A graphic, vulgarity-laced interview in which a Marine described how he and two other Marines killed four unarmed prisoners in Iraq was played today during a preliminary hearing in the case.

Sgt. Jermaine Nelson, in a tape-recorded interview with a Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent, said he and Sgt. Ryan Weemer were ordered by Sgt. Jose Nazario to kill the prisoners as the Marines swept through a neighborhood in Fallouja in late 2004.

Several minutes of the tape were played at the hearing for Weemer, who faces murder and dereliction of duty charges. Nelson faces similar charges, and Nazario faces manslaughter charges in federal court in Riverside.


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2 thoughts on “Marine’s graphic interview describes killing of prisoners in Iraq

  1. I wonder if the US populace really knew exactly what their ‘brave troops’ they support are REALLY doing over there, and why they enlist, re-enlist and re-deploy, if then the people would have a completely different view of this war, if there would have been a larger anti-war movement… (not just the sorta ‘over it’ outa style aspect they poll about after a half decade of horror).

    Of course then I would wonder if it would matter– the enlisted goons of the US armed forces willing to deploy to Iraq are clearly deranged serial killers– there could be no other excuse for continuing to fight in in a proven illegal war of aggression.

    But you can’t even get Rove to appear, let alone get the Congress to flex the muscle required to impeach, indict, etc. So how could you expect the vast red-state believer-belt to dissent whatever their favorite faux-noise propagandists tell them? That would take too much brain power from watching NASCAR go around, and around, and around again (and again— ).

    The troops are just the butt end of a society addicted to video games and some twisted sense of ‘glory’ last seen in the war of 1812. The glory part is the reason McBomb will never withdraw from Iraq, payback for bailing before totally subjugating the Vietnamese (or killing them all as he certainly would have been proud to do).

    It’s the people’s fault. For raising their kids to be gun-totin’ animal-huntin’ flag-wavin’ cowboys/girls. And for believing the amerigoon militaristic myth of the latter 20th century.

    But give the populace a big-box store, a slot machine, and just enough jing to jangle, and they’ll be slaves to the massa of militarism.

    We should know full-well what putting testosterone-driven robo-cops into a kill-or-be-killed situation does, it consummates the hidden psychopathic goon embedded in all video-game addicts.

    Add a li’l bit ‘o ‘kill all the Hajjis (or gooks as the case may be) & let god sort ’em out’ flips that wondrous switch of violent bogotry, another psychsis the USA excells at, and trains its enlisted goons to indulge.

    Yeah I know I’m fulla judgments about these enlistees, but say I’m wrong this time… My-Lai happens in slow motion over there all this last 6 years, and nobody knows a thing about it (and if they did, would it have changed a thing? That’s the question…)

    ~Scott Ritter.

    Nothing will happen to these doughboys, they will walk, with honors.

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