Will Israel And/Or The U.S. Attack Iran? By Uri Avnery

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By Uri Avnery
14 July, 2008
Gush Shalom

If you want to understand the policy of a country, look at the map – as Napoleon recommended.

Anyone who wants to guess whether Israel and/or the United States are going to attack Iran should look at the map of the Strait of Hormuz between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.

Through this narrow waterway, only 34 km wide, pass the ships that carry between a fifth and a third of the world’s oil, including that from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.


h/t: williambowles.info

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13 thoughts on “Will Israel And/Or The U.S. Attack Iran? By Uri Avnery

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  7. I also hope he’s right.

    Just today CNN reports Botch is seeking diplomacy all of a sudden, after years of threats?

    Lets hope the region and the world survives the era of Cheney, Olmert, and Ahmedinejad, and that somehow, some way, non-militaristic, non-extremists will roll back the dials..

    Fat chance? Can’t help but recall how Western Europe was at eachother’s throats for centuries, and are now all one country, and the mighty Roman & British empires expired.

    Keep hope alive, as they say! But it remains a cynical thought that the only reason the US & its 51st state wouldn’t nuke Iran is because they’d then blockade the Straight of Hormuz.

    (I STILL want somebody to tell me exactly what are the ‘US national interests’ in the region, if Botch swears it’s’not about the oil’, such that we’d spend trillions destroying Iraq).

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  12. I certainly hope he’s correct in this article, but I have my doubts. The article does do a good job of pointing out the folly of attacking Iran without directly saying so.

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