Adam Kokesh Assaulted by Undercover FBI Agent & MPD Officers

Dandelion Salad

Another outrageous example of our living in a police state.  As a photographer I feel so strongly that citizens should be free to document our police force.  I’ve been arrested for “shooting” cops in action.  ~ Lo


I don’t have anything to say here. I hope the video says it all.

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3 thoughts on “Adam Kokesh Assaulted by Undercover FBI Agent & MPD Officers

  1. Most of these cops have become nothing but a squad of mercenary thugs who rape our Constitutional rule of law under the Draconian Patriot Act.

    The FBI in particular is cancer on the United States and her people.

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  3. This is typical BushCo intimidation. The people who are targeted for this stuff are generally ex-military members of the anti-war movement. Lori Purdue was abducted off the street in DC and held without charge for 28 hours on the basis of supposedly violating a stay away order that had actually been revoked but not removed from the system. Liz Hourican was dragged out of the hearing room the day Desiree confronted Condi Rice and physically assaulted in the hallway, they broke her glasses. Reverend Lennox Yearwood was assaulted and they injured his leg. All of these people are ex-military. Do the math as to why the BushCo goons might want to strongarm ex-military members of the anti-war movement, it’s not rocket science.

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