Kucinich’s fight to impeach Bush

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replaced video Sept. 7, 2014



Kucinich calls for Bush Impeachment



Interview With Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Kucinich to Introduce Impeachment Resolution to Judiciary

8 thoughts on “Kucinich’s fight to impeach Bush

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  5. Yes, thank you are all your hard work. You have a real knack of posting what is important for today’s world.

    P.S. I added your link at: http://www.livevideo.com/blog/VickiRuth … and am sending it around. I think we all have to keep writing, faxing, blogging, posting … have to be a participant in the now … the alternative?

    Supporting Dennis Kucinich in his efforts to hold our top leaders accountable for their actions seems paramount to me … we need to put the executive branch …back into balance, BEFORE the next administration takes office.

    A government by the people, for the people … yes, even the little guy and gal. If we break the law and have to go to a real jail, then the guy at the top, where the buck stops, for sure, has to do the same, along with the so-called advisers.

    Count the dead, maimed, and poisoned … on both sides … from actions/orders from the top of OUR government … true justice is for ALL, in the America I believe in, even for that ‘other’ side. They are human, and all were once fetus’s! Right to life for the Creator’s creations … yeah, think about it.

    Please let Conyers and Pelosi know how you feel. Accountability needs to stay on the table.

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