McCain Courts Latino Vote: Pero Mis Amigos, Don’t Tell My Immigrant Hating Republican Base



by R J Shulman
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July 16, 2008

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico – When it comes to Latino voters, Senator John McCain has become an equilibrista or tightrope walker. “I need the damn Hispanic votes,” McCain said, “but the Republican voter base hates Latinos, so if I say anything good about them, I’m screwed.” So far on the campaign trail, McCain has been telling Latino groups he still supports his original position of humane immigration reform, while assuring his Republican base voters that he despises the disease-ridden free loaders who don’t want to learn English.

“We have been concentrating on placing advertising on Spanish radio and TV stations which says John supports their concerns,” said Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager, “I call it the no diga a Gringo approach, that is I, John McCain support you, but don’t tell whitey that I want to help you. At the same time, we will pound the traditional media with his new stand on how much he wants to have the illegals sent back to wherever they came from, after they vote for him, of course.”

“It pays to be bilingual and bi-positioned,” McCain said.

“Sounds more like McCain is bipolar,” said Howard Dean Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.


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6 thoughts on “McCain Courts Latino Vote: Pero Mis Amigos, Don’t Tell My Immigrant Hating Republican Base

  1. In Mexico foreigners aren’t allowed to:

    Participate in politics

    Mexican citizens get preferential treatment over foreigners in job consideration.

    Lastly, foreigners living in Mexico are never considered citizens and can be thrown out at any time for any reason.

    One of the requirements to even be allowed to live in Mexico if your a foreigner is that you have an average monthly deposit of 1,000 dollars in your bank account.


    Do I necessarily agree with these aspects of the Mexican constitution No, Do I think it’s smart on their government’s part? Yes. Do you see foreigners in the streets of Mexico demanding the same rights as Mexicans? NO Why, because they’d either be in jail or thrown out altogether.

  2. Buffoon, it’s also “legal” immigrants who are discriminated against in our country. Racism is alive and well in the good ole US of A. Just ask a person of color, whether or not they and their families have been here for generations. Racial profiling is used by police forces all over this country. Look at the numbers (stats) of those who are imprisoned. We have the highest number per capita of imprisoned human beings.

    Check out:

    Prisons – a new form of slavery (video)

    Grassing for Dollars by The Other Katherine Harris

    The Militarization of American Police By Steven Greenhut

    Escobar: Race and poverty in the U.S. (video)

    US prison population dwarfs that of other nations

    The prison industry in the United States: big business or a new form of slavery?

    Learn what REAL Socialism is, not what you understand it to be.  It’s not authoritarian, nor is it Communism.  It’s all about the workers taking control of their own lives.

    Venezuela: What a pro-worker government looks like by Trent Hawkins

    The happy slave syndrome by Peter Rigg

  3. Everyone, all the workers, are exploited by both parties. The rich are the ones who benefit. We live in a capitalistic country, power to the corporations and the very wealthy, unfortunately.

    Both parties like to divide up the workers so they can control us better. It’s time for all the workers to take back our country.

    I say vote third party, make your vote count. Vote for Nader, or McKinney or even Barr.

  4. Hey! I’m a latino and i don’t think that Republicans hate me, but Democrats on the other hand are thought less and cruel, they go around saying that they want to help the latinos that they are the party of the latinos, in what way are they helping the latinos by giving us meager Government hand outs and calling that help so that we can keep our mouths shut and vote for them and then what. How do they help us, how! My latino brothers and sisters come to this country illegaly i went to Mexico a couple of years ago and they kicked me out because i was there illegaly, the Mexican government doesn’t tolerate illegals in their country but we have to tolerate their people that are here illegaly well screw that. Wake up people the Dems. don’t care about any of us, they only see us as a bunch of dirty third world scum only good enough to cut their grass and wash their toilets like that sorry excuse for a Mayor Villaraigosa from L.A. once said about us. I’d rather be hated by Republicans than explioted by Democrats.

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