Terror, Torture, and the Dark Side + Bush officials could be charged with war crimes

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Here are two versions for you, a short one and a long one.  I highly recommend the longer interview.  ~ Lo


Verdict: Interview with Jane Mayer Author of The Dark Side

Dan Abrams talks to Jane Mayer author of the book The Dark Side which includes details such as some the torture techniques used at Guantanamo Bay, that the approval of those techniques went far up the chain of command in the Bush administration, and that James Comey and Jack Goldsmith were afraid they were in physical danger and being spied on.



Terror, Torture, and the Dark Side

Two years ago Jane Mayer wrote a groundbreaking investigative piece titled “The Hidden Power” on vice-presidential legal counsel and chief-of-staff David Addington and internal battles over Guantanamo, tribunals, rendition, and torture. On July 15, she releases the culmination of years of investigative journalism to uncover the mechanics and consequences of the policy shifts and practices that composed what Vice President Dick Cheney referred to as “the dark side.”

Terror, Torture, and the Dark Side“, posted with vodpod




Top Bush Officials Could Be Charged With WAR CRIMES!

July 15, 2008 CNN


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