Countdown: McCain Leaking Obama’s Travel Plans + Goals vs Timelines In Iraq

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July 18, 2008

McCain Leaking Obama’s Travel Plans

Keith reports on John McCain possibly leaking when Barack Obama is due to arrive in Iraq and his campaign criticizing Obama for not going, and then going to Iraq. Richard Wolffe weighs in.

Goals vs Timelines In Iraq

Keith reports on the continually shifting dialog about what “winning” in Iraq means, and the government of Iraq wanting us to leave and what time line as opposed to “timed horizon” means. E.J. Dionne weighs in.

Phil Gramm stepping down

Keith reports on Phil Gramm stepping down from his job as co-chair of the McCain campaign, and his role in many of our economic woes we’re facing right now. Chris Hayes weighs in on Gramm’s responsibility with the economic problems we’re having now and what it took to finally have him thrown under the Straight Talk Express.

The Right’s Choice

Keith talks to Larry Hunter who served as former advisor to Ronald Reagan who was one of the authors of the Contract With Americe and has said he’s voting for Barack Obama, and who explains why he’s chosen to do so in this interview.


Tonight’s: Gas-Gate, Torture-Gate and Halliburton-Electrocution-Gate.

Worst Person

And the winner is…Col. Bud Day.Runners up Dominic Carman and Bill O’Reilly.

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