NYT Op-Ed: Israel Will Attack Iran

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By Steven D., Booman Tribune
Posted on July 18, 2008, Printed on July 19, 2008

Yes, you read my title correctly. Today’s New York Times includes an op-ed piece by Benny Morris, a Professor of Middle Eastern history at Ben Gurion University. He claims Israel will most certainly attack Iran within the next 4 to 7 months, and if conventional weapons are unsuccessful to knock out Iran’s nuclear program, than Israel will escalate to the use of nuclear weapons.

By all accounts Professor Morris is no Likudist or neoconservative stalking horse, but a leading figure among Israel’s “New Historians” movement which has portrayed the history of the creation of Israel and the genesis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in terms traditional Israeli historians deem revisionist and flawed because it claims to present a more balanced view of the history of the Palestinian conflict, one at odds with the traditional Israeli narrative of the “Palestinian Exodus” from Israel on the eve of the 1948 war.

All this as context for what is a deeply disturbing essay by Professor Morris, for his concerns cannot be brushed aside lightly as the ravings of a right wing Israeli figure, or as propaganda from someone connected to the current Israeli government. If accurate, the next President of the United States will face the beginning of his first term in office with a Middle East in flames with all that portends for the world.


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  11. “It seems that fear of the U.S. rather than Israel has been the main reason for Iran’s nuclear ambition. That is why the attractive idea of a nuclear-free Middle East, in which Iran would renounce nuclear weapons in exchange for a similar move by Israel, appears unrealistic. It is the U.S., not Israel, that Iranian hard liners want to deter, using Israel as a hostage. They see going nuclear as a way of limiting U.S. military and geopolitical involvement in the Middle East.”

  12. As Israel has lost its victim status in the eyes of most all intellectual people of the world and with it their sympathy and support, the Zionist leaders see no other option than suicide. By attacking Iran Israel will be destroyed for 60% or more by Iranian retaliation. When the Israeli citizens emerge from their bomb shelters and look for survivors in the smoking rubble, the Zionist regime will be able to wail and lament and the world must show its support again. Only if a lightning bolt of compassion strikes the Zionist leaders will the present horror come to an end. And that is extremely unlikely

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  15. Sadly, his premise is suspect because of his Leftist stance – that’d be Israeli Left, which is quit different from US Left. It is entirely plausible that his Op-Ed is nothing but an anti-Right, anti-Current Israeli Govt rant meant to sow fear and weaken the Israeli govt.’s position.

    At this point it is quite doubtful that any attack on Iran will happen. This is mostly because most of the Iranian elections are now over, so there’s less point in meddling.

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