Debunking the Anti-Global Climate Change Myths

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by Brian Angliss
July 23, 2007

Anti-global heating claims – a reasonably thorough debunking

[Updated 9/15/07: Added myths #19 & #20, climate predictions aren’t possible and volcanoes emit more CO2 than people, respectively]
[Updated 9/14/07: Updated Myths #4, 8, 10, & 13]

The Earth is heating up, and human beings burning fossil fuels are the dominant cause. It’s not ocean warming that dominates, it’s not cosmic rays, it’s not variations in the Earth’s orbit and tilt toward the sun (Milankovitch cycles), it’s not solar irradiance – it’s us. But there is a very vocal minority that refuses to believe global heating (the severity of the problem requires more urgent language, and besides, 105 degrees isn’t warmer than 100, it’s hotter) is real.

Global heating deniers fall back on a variety of myths in order to buttress their position. These myths vary from logical fallacies to pseudoscience to poor math to scientifically valid but disproved hypotheses. Yet every single claim against global heating I’ve found has been debunked at one time or another, and at this point, the only hypothesis that fits all the data is that human civilization is heating up the planet.




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17 thoughts on “Debunking the Anti-Global Climate Change Myths

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  7. The Arctic loses a load every summer, but loads less this year that was touted to be nightmarish.

    Here ya go:

    You will not see this trumpeted in the media. It is too much like good news.

    The world is heading for cold and our grandchildren will be amazed that we carbon cycle based lifeforms thought that CO2 was anything other than the life giving gas that it is. Playstation science needs this awakening before trillions of dollars are committed to a phantom menace.

  8. That’s why it should be referred to as Global Climate Change instead of Global Warming. The Arctic has lost a lot of its ice just this summer. Got a source to what you are saying that it’s getting colder in the Arctic?

    I think it is getting colder in some places on Earth. It’s also getting wetter in others, and less rainfall (drought) other places. The climate is changing.

  9. Funny how it is colder now. Cooler oceans. Lower SSTs. More sea ice in the Arctic than last year (1million square kilometers more)
    NASA is a political entity. Check the UAH and RSS satellite data then come back and say we are warming up. Those sats were put up there to “end the debate” and they have doen so – it is getting cooler. This will continue.

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  11. “All the people who actually believe the scientists are not “working for the elite.” I don’t work for anyone.”

    I didn’t say that.

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  13. Be more specific, maha.

    “Writers who ignore this are either mind control victims or are paid liars and crooks — scumbags working for the elite.”

    All the people who actually believe the scientists are not “working for the elite.” I don’t work for anyone.

  14. If anyon actually reads this article they’ll find the “debunking” claim has debunked nothing. What a joker!

  15. This is rubbish and ignores recent findings (massive erupting volcanoes under the Arctic, etc..) as well as recent research by top scientists (predicting an increase in CO2 will lead to cooling!). It also ignores the massive spraying many of us are undergoing, the weather manipulation and HAARP- the CRIMES of the 21st century. Writers who ignore this are either mind control victims or are paid liars and crooks — scumbags working for the elite. I’m afraid climate models are incredibly sensitive to tiny changes in input data and are just models meaning they are simplified version of reality, and so can be made to predict whatever you like!

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