Friendly fire killed soldier: Khadr defence – Testimony points to U.S. grenade

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by Steven Edwards
Canwest News Service
Saturday, July 19, 2008

Omar Khadr’s defence team says it has expert testimony indicating the soldier he is accused of killing died as a result of injuries inflicted by an American grenade.

The lawyers say the evidence will be added to the results of the defence’s wider investigation of the July 2002 firefight, and show the American assault was a “botched operation.” The claim follows the lawyers’ release of videotapes of Canadian officials interrogating Khadr that include statements he made that the prosecution in his war crimes case will have analyzed.


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4 thoughts on “Friendly fire killed soldier: Khadr defence – Testimony points to U.S. grenade

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  4. Interesting…. The M67 Fragmentation gernade used by US forces since the Viet Nam War, so I am sure none ever leaked out to the black market or into the supplies sent to the mujahadeen during the Afghan-Soviet conflict or bought during the Afghan civil war, etc. It is a common gernade used worldwide, using the same logic that same gernade is the C13 in Canada, Omar probably brought it with him, please!!! Let me see the poor confused teen was in an Al-Qaida occuppied compound that was just bombed and still had the presence of mind to continue engaging US forces.
    Me thinkest this is a ploy by the defense so without some legal technicality their client probably will not do well when tried on the preponderence of the evidence. Unfortunately, this is why his defense can do this, Omar Khadr was in a battle in Afghanistan and is now being criminally prosecuted. This was supposed to be a raid – go in on the objective and clear out once the mission is done, so there was not a forensics team that collected evidence at the compound, the medics were busy keeping him alive all the time knowing Chris Speer was dead, google up his picture at time of capture if not for US military medicine this would not be a discussion. If after every firefight we could call a “time out” and both friendly and enemy CSI teams pored over the battlefield we could determine who did what beyond a reasonable doubt which is what the defense is asking. This is what make many believe take no prisoners, which will be worse for our forces in harm’s way. Not that the fate of our prisoners have worked out that well, have not some been summarily executed on video tape? Did they get a trial? Legal representation? Were they tortured or abused? Did they get to see the Red Cross? Or were they murdered in cold blood by the same type of people who trained Omar Khadr? Khadr’s trainer was his father by the way.

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