Ralph Nader: What’s left ‘on the table’? + Attn: Musicians

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Updated: July 24, 2008 Replaced the video


Ralph Nader describes what’s “On the Table” For the Nader/Gonzalez Presidential Ticket versus everything that’s “OFF the Table” for Obama and McSame.

Santa Monica, CA, May 10, 2008

Video Shot and Edited by Dutch Merrick.

Edit Supervisor: James Legoy

For More information, Go to VoteNader.org

The one consistent Champion for the rights and protections of the American people is Ralph Nader. Together with Human Rights Attorney Matt Gonzalez, Mr. Nader will put the most pressing issues of our day back into the public discourse.

While the two Corporate-chosen candidates bicker over “Hope” vs. “Change”, Ralph Nader will discuss concisely the ramifications of continuing our present course in the Middle East and the results of our “For-Profit/ Not for People” Healthcare system.

Give him your support. Send in a few bucks!

The Planet you save might be your own!


From an email a few days ago:

If you are a musician who owns rights to original music, you can help us with soundtracks for our web videos. If you would like for your music to be considered for use in a Nader/Gonzalez video, please send an mp3 to karen@votenader.org. All musical styles are welcome.


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