The Pentagonization of US life + Obama and the national security system + Cold War mentality

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Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt of on the system of militarization.


Obama and the Cold War mentality

Gareth Porter: Will Obama be truly post-Cold War?

Historian and author Gareth Porter discusses with Pepe Escobar the positioning of Senator Barack Obama relative to the power of the national security establishment in the US; the legacy of JFK; the feasibility of the US refusing to occupy Muslim lands; and what it takes to be elected president of the United States.

Obama and the national security system

Porter: There is no leader yet in site who can lead a movement for basic change…

In the second part of his interview to Pepe Escobar, investigative historian and military policy analyst Gareth Porter expands on what awaits Senator Barack Obama when he deals with the power of the national security state. Porter also examines what kind of movement and leader would it take to really try to change a very rigid system, and the proposition of Obama as a new Bobby Kennedy.


Tom ‘Dispatch’ on Bush and the media

Reality Check – The Democrats Are The Real Problem By Mike Whitney

Obama outlines policy of endless war + Obama’s Speech

Jim Douglass: JFK and the Unspeakable (video)

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