Saving bankers while home owners fail by Mumia Abu-Jamal

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by Mumia Abu-Jamal on death row
Jul 20, 2008

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Excerpts from a June 29 audio column. Go to to hear Mumia’s commentaries and to get updates on his legal case and activities demanding a new trial.

Throughout the presidential primaries, while politicians amass millions from both corporate and private sources, how many times did you hear the subprime lending disaster discussed?

Over a million homeowners, most of them Black or Brown, faced foreclosure and the loss of their most valuable financial asset, and most politicians passed over it in relative silence, while they begged or lied for votes.

How can this be unless they, like most pols, were the paid-for property of corporations?

When the sub-prime mess hit, in a matter of hours, the Federal Reserve Board’s head, Ben Bernanke, slipped $200 billion bucks in government guarantees to keep the mortgage loan industry afloat. Thus, the U.S. government used its power to back the banks’ hustling of what were essentially junk bonds.

A fifth of a trillion dollars to back those who ripped off a million people with loans designed to fail; and for those who got ripped off, nothing.

Indeed, the only politician who was attacking this practice was New York’s former Attorney General (and later Governor), Eliot Spitzer. But once he was caught in the hooker scandal, this threat melted slowly away.

These sub-prime loans, saddled with balloon-like expanded repayment rates, were designed to fail, and these legalized hustles were steered at an astonishing rate—to 73 percent of high-income African-American and Hispanic families. Among white high-income homeowners, only 17 percent were recipients of subprimes.

This greed riot has sent shivers throughout the economy, not just in America, but overseas as well, because foreign companies and governments invested in these junk mortgage bonds.

The foreclosure crisis has slowed housing construction; loans are almost impossible to get; and the International Monetary Fund estimates banks and investors will lose some $1 trillion.

But for nearly a million families their losses will be infinitely greater. They lose their dreams, their homes, and perhaps their families. How many divorces have they birthed by these foreclosures? How many families have been split asunder? How many suicides?

These non-economic losses can be traced to pure, unmitigated greed of bankers, investment houses, and the willing blindness of a government.

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5 thoughts on “Saving bankers while home owners fail by Mumia Abu-Jamal

  1. Good lord. Why should anyone be bailed out–companies OR the home-owning class? People who bought more house than the could afford need to be foreclosed on. They are the people who created this bubble in the first place by living beyond their means.

    More than anything, this country needs affordable housing. And we can get it, if we just let the foreclosures happen. This will bring housing prices back in line with incomes so that lower to moderate income people can realize the American dream.

    Bailing out the homeowning class is only benefiting the wealthier, fiscally irresponsible among us.

    And for those who are concerned about those losing homes due to medical bills or unemployment, stop advocating bailing out the homeowning class and start advocating for universal health care and better unemployment benefits.

    And while you’re at it, advocate for those things for BOTH classes of people: the home-owning class AND the renting class.

    Because right now, all the liberals are sounding like medical bills and unemployment is really only a problem for the wealthy home-owning class.

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