Countdown: Iraqi Gov. Agrees With Obama + Bushed

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Iraqi Gov. Agrees With Obama

Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow discuss the recent statements by the Iraqi Government Officials, agreeing to the timetable as offered by Barack Obama, and not Bush or McCain.


Lame Duck-Gate, Small Government-Gate, and Justice Delayed-Gate are the topics tonight.


Obama on using Bush I, James Baker and Colon Powell


In a July 15, 2008 appearance on Larry King Live, Barack Obama stated he would utilize the assistance of George Herbert Walker Bush, James Baker and Colon Powell as a foreign policy brain trust in his administration.


posted on July 22, 2008


New McCain Attack Ad On Gas Prices

Rachel reports on the new John McCain attack ad trying to blame Barack Obama for high gas prices. Chris Kofinis weighs in.

Spinning Out Of Control

Keith reports on the spin coming out of the McCain campaign on the Iraqis agreeing with Obama’s time line for withdrawal and the gaffe made by McCain on Good Morning America which the media has mainly ignored. Chris Hayes from The Nation weighs in.

Iraqis Want the US To Leave

Keith reports on the Iraqis wishes that the US leaves Iraq by 2010 which agrees with Barack Obama’s proposed time table despite the Bush administrations attempts to spin the story to the contrary. Howard Fineman weighs in.


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