Countdown: McCain Makes False Assertion + Back on the Bus? + Pardons/Prosecutions

Dandelion Salad

July 22, 2008


McCain Makes False Assertion on CBS News

Keith reports on John McCain making getting the time line wrong on the Sunni Awakening and the surge on CBS news during his interview with Katie Couric.

Eugene Robinson Interview

Keith talks to Eugene Robinson about McCain’s gaffe on the Sunni Awakening and his accusations on the campaign trail that Obama wants to lose the war in Iraq, which I’ll add is not a war. It’s an occupation.

Phil Gramm Back on the Bus?

Keith reports on Steve Forbes saying that Phil Gramm would still be giving economic advice to the McCain campaign. Chris Kofinis weighs in.


Tonight’s: Appeasement-Gate, Support The Troops-Gate and Cuban Missle Crisis-Gate.

Jonathan Turle on Pardons/Prosecutions

Keith talks to Jonathan Turley about Bush might pre-emptively pardon anyone who committed crimes in his administration and an Obama legal advisor Cass Sunstein who has said that only the most egrecious crimes would or should be prosecuted.

Worst Person

And the winner is….Bill O’Reilly. Runners up Bret Beher and Bill O’Reilly has a two-fer tonight.

Richard Lewis Interview


Kucinich: Thanks to you, impeachment will be heard Friday

Cass Sunstein Debates Glenn Greenwald on FISA Vote

Obama, The Democratic ‘War President’ by Eric Margolis