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Matt Speaks to the issues and the People at the annual “National Latino Congresso” held in Los Angeles, California on July 18, 2008.

Matt is the running mate of Independent Presidential Candidate, Ralph Nader.

The National Latino Congresso is an assembly of the most influential Mexican and Latin American organizations in the Country.
Gathered at the Congresso were Latin-Americans from all walks of life, from National elected Officials to Grassroots organizers, in an effort to create a united Latino Agenda for the issues most pressing issues today.
The two and a half day long National Latino Congresso joined organizations, elected officials, businesses, labor organizations, religious institutions, student organizations, coalitions and networks together in a forum to exchange ideas and create a resolve to foster positive change in the community.

NAFTA, Fair Trade policies, Immigration laws and protections, Democratic Accountability, Corporate Responsibility, National, Single-payer Health Care and an immediate end to the Iraq War were all topics of discussion for Matt Gonzalez.

Watch this powerful interview for more information about what the Corporate-bought Candidates are refusing to talk about.

Human Rights (Derechos Humanos), Immigrant Rights (Derechos Humanos) and the Rights of Workers (derechos de los Trabajadores) are a few of the key issues that Matt Gonzalez emphasizes with our Interviewer, Dutch Merrick


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