TSA to Use Full-Body Imaging This Fall at Chicago O’Hare + Miami

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Updated: Here’s another one from Miami:


Miami is one of 21 airports nationwide receiving the new technology.

The whole body imaging machines are already in use in Los Angeles, New York’s JFK, Baltimore-Washington, Denver, Albuquerque, Ronald Reagan Washington, Detroit, Dallas-Fort Worth and Phoenix Sky-Harbor, Washington Dulles and Las Vegas airports.

Other airports that will get the new machines in the coming months include Chicago O’Hare, Atlanta, Newark, Boston, Indianapolis, New York LaGuardia, Tampa, San Juan and San Francisco, the TSA said. There are no current plans to place the machines at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood.

Airport scanners see through clothes

By Jon Hilkevitch
After Downing Street
Chicago Tribune

New airport security devices “see” through clothing

Potentially embarrassing “graphic” full-body scans to begin in the fall at O’Hare

Air travelers in Chicago will soon be literally exposed to a revealing full-body scan before boarding planes.

The new procedure, which is sure to make some passengers blush and others burn in anger over what critics call a virtual reality strip-search, is part of a “security evolution” at airport passenger checkpoints around the country.


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2 thoughts on “TSA to Use Full-Body Imaging This Fall at Chicago O’Hare + Miami

  1. We cannot avoid the reality of what is going on in the hearts of some people. To date, Ohare International has not had the incident that changes the worlds view on airport security. And let’s hope that continues……

    Everyday I see more planes “lower” in the sky over the western suburbs. We once joked about hitting a ball or throwing a rock or even if we could see someone in the window. That “joke” is long forgotten.

    These units were deployed because a hand-full of $@%^ just don’t have a clue what a decent human being should or should not do. We have no-one too blame but ourselves in allowing the nature of man too decline to this level.

    I’m more concerned about the training these agents will be receiving in utilizing this technology. @ $9.00 an hour I doubt very much it will include tolerance and discretion. The first story we’ll see in the headlines will be base on someone “over stepping” the use.

  2. Look in the advertisements in the back of “Boys Life” and “Popular Mechanics” for future developments.

    Fifty years ago glasses were advertised that saw through clothes. I never went for the see through glasses, but assume they did not actually see through clothes.

    It appears the minor scams of today are the reality of tomorrow.

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