World Prout Assembly: Monetary Policy with Richard C. Cook

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Richard’s talk starts about 40 minutes in. Thanks to Rick for sending me the link. ~ Lo


May 29, 2008

MONETARY POLICY with JW Smith, Glen Martin, Robert Blain, Ellen Brown, Richard Cook, Geraldine Perry, William Krehm.

Part 2

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5 thoughts on “World Prout Assembly: Monetary Policy with Richard C. Cook

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  3. I like Cook but I disagree with his social credit proposal which is basically just government giving out money. This would case high inflation since demand for goods and services would skyrocket but supply wouldn’t change. Whenever too much money is in circulation demand exceeds supply causing inflation. There needs to be a great redistribution of wealth but not an increase of the amount of money in the economy. High Progressive taxes on superwealthy people and corporate profits need to be restored. By drastically increasing taxes on the superwealthy we could drastically lower taxes on the poor and middle classes allowing workers to keep the fruits of their labor. Corporate welfare must also be abolished. Taxes collected by the government should only be used for public purposes like to finance healthcare, education, national defense(not offense)environmental protection, parks, and social programs. America needs to get off oil, coal, nuclear, and ethanol and instead use clean, safe, low-cost energy sources. Banks need to be publicly owned and controlled. The Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking must be eliminated. Domestic and organic food production needs to be increased. End the corporate free trade agenda and dump the WTO, IMF, and World Bank. Raise tariffs on foreign imports and domestic exports to protect small businesses from foreign competition and large domestic corporations and encourage products produced in America to be sold on the national market.

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