World’s first electric sports car + The Air Car

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The United Kingdom has launched an electric sports car, in an effort to give eco-cars an image boost.

The key to popularising electric cars is to make them more desirable, simply being environmentally friendly is not enough for most people to buy the product.

Electric cars, are often pictured small, impractical, and sometimes even ugly vehicles.

However, a company in the UK has unveiled “Lightning” an electric sports car – claiming to revolutionise the industry with its looks and technology.

Al Jazeera’s Tessa Parry-Wingfield reports from London’s Motor Show on the eco-car trend that is changing the public’s perception.


The Air Car

Oct 2, 2008 replaced video



December 17, 2006

Beyond Tomorrow 2005

(July 2007)
Air Car Ready for Mass Production…

(video no longer available)

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4 thoughts on “World’s first electric sports car + The Air Car

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  3. I thought lightning looked pretty cool! Screw replacing seven thousand batteries if the thing breaks down on the motorway though.

  4. What is the point of the electric car when you have the air car and the japanese car that runs on water that are a tiny fraction of the cost of this rubbish sports car? The reason the two obvious choices will never be marketed in the UK are that they make no money for the government and because they take away the fear and the doom and gloom that the government loves to put us in. Instead they market this old technology rubbish sports car. And if you try asking Greenpeace (who have been hard at work fighting bulbs for a year and forcing us to light our homes with mercury filled death lights) about why they never talk aboiut the air or water car they will only make childish stupid comments because they are the green rockefeller gatekeepers.

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